Thursday, January 08, 2009

Educational Silver Bullet??

I'm currently in the process of re-writing one of my Graduate Diploma courses for a pre-service teaching program we teach at my university and came across a video of George Lucas discussing effective learning and how it engages school students. The video is on edutopia so I expect that many of you may have already seen it, but I embed it here in my Blog for those who have not yet had the privilege of hearing Lucas talk about a not so new paradigm in education.

I use this approach in my classes, on-campus and online and it just works brilliantly.
Is it a silver bullet? It's very likely.

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Ray Tolley said...

Yes, a great show! Firstly, what recording format is used to create a file which runs perfectly smoothy with no download 'glitches'?

But in reference to teaching styles - to be able to use Aristotelian classroom performance we need people who can think on their feet - who can repeatedly think outside of the box, whatever the situation.

Perhaps it is the fault of the universities who can turn out excellent masters of content but do who not have the creative, imaginative and passionate skills to teach?

Yes, as the video states, we need to meet children at their point of interest, catch their imagination and develop their enthusiasm for learning. The trick is in what we call 'need reduction' - but before we get to that stage we need to create the need to learn in our youngsters.