Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Gaining Traction in Schools

One of the problems with introducing radically new approaches to learning in conservative institutions like schools is that teachers need concrete examples of how these approaches have been used in similar organisations elsewhere.
The most recent edition of eschool news offers two excellent articles that report excellent practice with the use of elearning technologies and Project-Based Learning.
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Article 1: Technology empowers differentiated instruction

This article demonstrated how technology can be used to make a variety of learning activities available for students to choose so that their learning preferences are valued.

Article 2:
Project-based learning engages students, garners results

This article demonstrated how authentic projects can be used to develop 21st century skills and, more importantly, engage students who would otherwise lose interest in school and drop out.

Both of these excellent articles give concrete examples of how learning can engage students and develop higher order thinking.

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