Saturday, February 07, 2009

Technology Mediated Student Feedback

This week I had the good fortune to attend a morning session facilitated by a colleague of mine, David Jones. David introduced a group of academics new to our institution is some of the more contemporary views on education and literature that supports this.
I'd come to the induction course to catch up with a colleague of mine who I'm collaborating with to re-write an elearning course for undergraduate students at our university--sorry I've digressed somewhat form the purpose of this post.

At this session I met another colleague, Dave, who teachers OHS online and who is in fact located in another state. All of Dave's students are online and he shared his approach to voice feedback for his students assessment submissions--he says it's much faster and his students prefer it.

Coincidentally, I've been relatively active in the Mahara community lately as I'm incorporating e.portfolios into the assessment of all the courses I coordinate. Currently we are discussing the types of social networking software we would like to be able to be imported in to Mahara as educational artifacts that can be then placed in a particular "View" and made available to a specific audience. One of the suggestions was "VoiceThread.
Upon further investigation, I've found this software to be extremely flexible and useful for providing feedback to students who are involved in the submission of visual products.
Not only for educators to provide feedback, but also for their peers to do so as well. See and example below:

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