Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Followup to School Internet Policies and 21st Century Learning

My last posting dealt with closed IT systems in Australian public schools and as the comments reflect, this is a problem not just in Queensland.
I've also received emails and and phone calls regarding this issue that suggest that it is a major barrier to teachers adopting ICTs for use inside and out of their classrooms.
Thanks to Stephen Downes and James Farmer for providing a much wider readership and as a result, creating interest (and maybe some angst) within Australian education.

Many of my Blog postings have sought to expose colleagues to engaging learning design that caters for difference. This has also been Edutopia's goal (with regard to K-12 schooling) in the past and they have highlighted some excellent examples that are happening in the US and Canada. The following video is no exception and showcases what my pre-service teacher students are learning at the moment. The need to adopt learning design that caters and values a raft of learning styles and intelligences. This is absolutely essential for learning engagement in 21st century schools. It also provides many more opportunities for students to acquire and integrate and then extend and refine their 21st century skills and knowledge .

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