Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Future of 21st Century learning

Watch the following YouTube video and then read the short discussion below it.

If schools as an institution are to survive, their leadership and government that develop restrictive public policy, need to pay attention to these scholars.
The model and skill sets this video suggests are required to be effective learners are hamstrung by school students' heavily restricted access to the Web, particularly in Australian public schools. Besides developing an ever increasing gulf between public and private school student learning experiences, the behaviour of Australian education departments in States and Territories is, in my view, unconscionable as we and some other developed nations fall well behind in a globalised society.
In a globalised society and economy, higher order thinking, complex problem-solving collaboration and respect for culture are key determinants for a successful career and life.

When will government and schools give up on a model that just does not work for modern learners or produce the kinds of grtaduates we need in the future?

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