Saturday, May 16, 2009

True 21st Century Schools

In this Blog I've shared many ideas and expressed opinions about P/K to 12 schooling today and how the vast majority of our education leaders just don't get it. This leadership begins with government and filters down to school level. Old Taylorist paradigms no longer suitable for 21st century learners who need a vastly different skill set and who have a dramatically different cultural perspective from 40 years ago. The literature has been around for sometime now but the inertia of educational leadership to respond is staggering, and we are adversely impacting the futures of large numbers of young people for whom school is an un-engaging prison of despair.
The following video is an example of the alternative; and it is achievable in Australia, the UK and in the US:

eSchool News has published an article that talks about this school in more detail.It is well worth the read.

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Andrea Williams said...

Hi Scot
Thank you for an interesting post. I now have a lot to think about.
Andrea Williams